Contact Us


President Carol Russell 316-250-2514
Executive VP John Nicely 316-737-1385
Secretary/Tresurer Chris Greer 316-650-0954

Chief Stewards

NDS-Outside Metro


Randy Crane 316-871-2012
SDA, NIBS, Central Offices, C&E, DEG, Uverse, Logistics,
Special Services
Home Solutions, Mobility, YP Nancy Fantroy 316-833-6395
Outstate-Great Bend Don Gotchall 620-282-0344


1401 E 47th St
Uverse Tomas Acosta 682-478-8247
Uverse Rebecca Harris 316-393-6119
Uverse John Phillips 316-619-7825
Uverse John Holden  316-209-6108
C&E Wayne Morris  316-258-9473
C&E Ryan McEachern 316-258-9212
C&E Mike Flores 316-259-6823
SDA J.B. Hale 316-631-2315
SDA Tom Erickson 316-390-3815
DEG  Dan Horine  316-258-2043
Home Solutions, CO, Engineering, 154 N. Broadway Talya McBride  316-992-0156  4th Floor
Rachel Taylor 316-239-9324 4th Floor
Deidra Riddle 316-516-2492 4th Floor
Rita Coen 316-993-9403  5th Floor
GNFO Power
Dennis Crigger 316-250-0881
Debbi Nicely 316-737-1381
Maize Road Mobility
Ben Flippin 316-390-8092
East Kellogg Mobility James Covington 316-558-2792
Hutchinson, Kansas 316-516-1959
TFS/SDA Nathan Schofield 620-921-0070
C&E Jessica Ornelas 316-516-1959
DEG Jason Unruh 316-214-4301
Garden City, Kansas
SDA Dan Waetzig 620-521-4786
Liberal, Kansas
GNFO Sergio Padilla 316-305-8823

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