Important Benefit Information

CORRECTION (OCT. 13, 2017)


Benefit Committee Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2017

Dallas, Texas

Meeting Participants:

Sylvia J. Ramos – CWA Assistant to the VP & CWA Co-Chair

Shelly Rocky – Lead Benefits Strategy Consultant  & Company Co-Chair

Riddhi Patel – Director, Labor Support

Rob Zurovec – Labor Relations

Lynn Snow – Labor Relations

Mike Neumann – CWA, Area Director

Glynne Stanley – President, CWA Local 6214

Lisa Foster – 1st Vice President, CWA Local 6327

Debbie VanTasell – CWA Benefit Rep & Note taker

The sole purpose of this meeting was to review documents pertaining to Annual Enrollment (AE) 2018. We only discussed information for Active Employees.

AE Enrollment October 16-27

There are three (3) different ways to enroll:

CALL the Benefit Center at 1 877 722-0020

Access the website from Work at and click on Your Health Information. This will direct you to the AT&T Benefits Center Website

From Home or a Personal Mobile Device, visit

When you finish enrolling, you will get a Confirmation of Coverage If you CALLED, you will be mailed the notice. If you used the other methods, you will get the confirmation in your Secure Mailbox.

You can make changes during the enrollment window of October 16-27 and will get a new confirmation after any change.

Please MAKE SURE that you review this document carefully, as you are signing up for coverage beginning January 1, 2018, through the end of the calendar year. You will NOT be able to make changes after January 1 unless you have a Qualified Status Change—such as a marriage or divorce, etc.  

Major Change in Medical Coverage for 2018

In previous years, we only had one option for the “Company Plan” coverage, which was called SW HCN (formerly known as UHC or CustomCare).  Alternate HMO’s may be available in limited areas.

Starting in 2018, we will have an Option 1 (which is most similar to what we have now) and an Option 2.

Option 1 has a lower deductible, but has a higher monthly contribution

Option 2 has a much higher deductible, but you pay a lower monthly rate

Option 1 would be for somebody who may have some health conditions that require multiple doctor visits or you know you will be having some surgery or procedures done throughout the year. You may want to choose this option also if you take a lot of medications, like for maintenance drugs. Under this option, the Rx portion has NO DEDUCTIBLE.

Option 2 would be for somebody who rarely goes to the doctor. One BIG difference with this option though, is under the Rx portion of the Plan, you must meet the Medical Deductible before you get the cheaper rates for your prescriptions. (2018 Medical Deductible for individual is $1450 and for a family it is $2900).

So basically, we are paying for the type of usage that suits the needs of our family. Consider your options carefully.

Your dependents Student Status is no longer a consideration. For MEDICAL, your dependent can be covered up to the end of the month in which they turn age 26.  For DENTAL and VISION, they are covered up to the end of the month in which they turn 23.

As it was in 2017, there will be a Contribution Holiday in 2018 for the CarePlus coverage. Now would be a good time to enroll, as you will have a full year of coverage at no cost to you.  

You will get a new MEDICAL ID CARD, by January 1, if you have any changes in coverage. That would include most of us, as we now have Options 1 & 2, which weren’t available previously. If you had a HMO before, and are staying with the same one, you WON’T get a new card.

IMPORTANT Since there are changes for 2018, please, please, review all of your communications materials and enrollment info to make sure you get the Plan that is best for you. If you DO NOTHING, and your previous option is no longer available, the DEFAULT coverage will be Option 1.

If you DEFAULT, you will get a Confirmation of Coverage and the end of the enrollment period (October 27ish).

If you are on Short-term Disability (STD) or a Leave of Absence (LOA), the AE materials and worksheet will be mailed to your home address on file. Everybody else will get the info online at work.

Our next meeting hasn’t been scheduled yet.